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What do Inspiration, Art, Resolutions and Tropical Smoothie Have In Common?

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.”  ~Abraham Lincoln

The first month of the New Year is winding down and many of us who made resolutions were more than happy to participate in “Ditch New Years Resolutions Day” on January 17th.   There is something magical and hopeful about the possibilities of a new year, fresh start and unweathered perspective that lights the fire under us and ignites a positive outlook.  Then, as a few days or weeks pass, we might lose or inspiration or discover that instead of a bunch of big goals we should be focusing on the small steps that get us there.

Chin up — it’s still early in the year and people who are successful in reaching their goals are 1) persistent 2) committed and 3) are willing to adjust the sails as they go along.  If you are feeling uninspired and your goal is to eat more fruits, vegetables and fresh foods then take a look at what’s working and what’s not.  Did you set out with good intentions but found that trying to do more cooking at home fell apart because you’ve had no time to plan meals, go grocery shopping and still have a crazy work schedule?  If the things that got in the way of meeting your goals in the past haven’t changed, then those same things will continue to be challenges that come between you and your goals.  So if time and your work schedule or the schedules of other family members aren’t things you can change, then examine other ways to eat healthy that work with your schedule and energy.

Your goal wasn’t necessarily to cook more, it was to eat healthier.  And cooking at home is a much better option than ordering pizza or picking up a greasy burger and fries.  Your goal is the same, but the steps to get there may need to be altered to help you be successful.   You may be struggling with the plan to cook more at home, but fast food won’t help you get to your goal.   So, you might try planning out several meals and carving out a day over the weekend to cook many meals for the month that you can freeze.  If that sounds like it will take too much of a chunk out of your weekend or you’re still finding that you’re not cooking at home during the week as much as you had hoped, replace the fast food with the fresh tropical option that Tropical Smoothie Café offers.  Our grilled chicken and turkey options are the perfect choice for getting in your lean protein to boost your energy.  We have a variety of wraps, sandwiches, flatbreads, salads and smoothies that will surely leave you inspired and on the right track with your goals.   We’ll save you time and offer the kind of fresh, heart-healthy food that will keep you in alignment with your bigger goals.

Speaking of being inspired and heart-healthy, did you know that January 31st is Inspire Your Heart with Art Day?  Having a hobby like creating art (or appreciating the work of others) can actually be a source of inspiration as well as lower stress levels.   Every time we look at a tropical beach scene, it makes us think of Tropical Smoothie which always makes us feel good (grin).  So don’t stress if you haven’t been perfect in keeping up your resolutions.  Just find ways to keep the inspiration alive and make Tropical Smoothie a part of your healthy eating goals.

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