How Sweet It Is to Gift Local Fruits And Veggies!

Get Nutrified

Spring is only a few weeks away, which means warmer weather and more fresh produce.  Why not consider a subscription to support a loved one’s (or your own) local community supported agriculture and health!  Community supported agriculture sights offer local produce delivery of in-season fruit and veggies. Most CSAs work with a limited number of selected local farms to ensure the freshest seasonal produce available is delivered weekly, with a minimal carbon footprint.

As a thoughtful gift for a loved one, a community supported agriculture gift provides outstanding, fresh produce in the sizes of half bushel, single bushel, or double bushel and can even include artisanal bread. Deliveries arrive weekly, or on a selected schedule, and many farm sites allow individuals to spend time on-site, visiting or helping to work the farm where their produce is grown.  One food Co-op that operates in Nevada is Bountiful Baskets which has monthly pickups in Henderson, Las Vegas and North Las Vegas.

Other Thoughtful OptionsFruits & Veggies

If you aren’t quite ready to commit to a weekly, or monthly, produce delivery, consider gifting a locally handmade wreath, or another locally handmade gift such as homemade cookies, locally harvested honey, beeswax lip balm or candles, or woven thread from local alpacas or sheep. Many affordable options are available locally for winter holidays, birthday gifts, or to just help out new parents, the elderly or someone who’s recovering from surgery.  This St. Patrick’s Day, how about going for the green veggies instead of green beer?

In addition to great finds on craft websites, keep an eye out in local papers for craft or farm shows, local produce or farmer’s markets, and small, boutique-style local shops. Many small shops have individual stores or items within one building location to keep overhead low for small, local, agricultural businesses. If you are shopping for someone who lives in another location, consider searching online for subscription services to local community-based agriculture providers. Your loved one will thank you all year long, while they enjoy fresh, sweet local produce.

Get Nutrified

Our bodies get the critical nutrients they need to function and thrive primarily from fruits and vegetables.  When you Eat Better You Feel Better.  But, if you struggle to find the time to make delicious dishes with healthy foods or to use your produce while it’s still fresh, Tropical Smoothie should be your go to place for healthy and tasty options to get you nutrified.  We have some new smoothies (Island Green Smoothie and the Caribbean Carrot Smoothie) and familiar favorites that will leave you believing that veggies taste better sipped than dipped.   Though, our loaded spinach salad lovers would say that eating your veggies can be very tasty too!


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