Celebrating our History and Leaders in February

Presidents of USWhile today (February 22nd) is officially George Washington’s birthday, we celebrated both his and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday (February 12th) earlier this week in a combined Federal holiday that we call President’s Day.  Did you get a short work week or hit the President’s Day sales?

The day was started to honor Washington in the last year of his presidency, and the date chosen was his birthday (2/22). In 1971 the holiday was moved to the third Monday in February, as part of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act which was designed to give us more long weekends (now we’re talking!). Though we all call Monday’s holiday “President’s Day” it’s still officially on the books as Washington’s Birthday.  There has been talk in Congress about officially changing the holiday to President’s Day, but it’s never officially happened.

Today it seems that President’s Day isn’t really celebrated, as much as it has become a big sales day for retailers.  We think it national holidays are great opportunities to teach your kids more about our country’s history or create some games that will bring the family together.  All state, federal and local governments are closed on holidays like President’s Day and most kids are out of school.  So it’s the perfect opportunity to create some family fun.  Here are some ideas:

  • Have a contest to see if you can name all the presidents (while records reflect 44 presidents, there are only 43 names because Grover Clevland served two non-consecutive terms as president). You can either have everyone write down as many as they can think of, or try to come up with them all as a team.
  • Take your kids on a virtual scavenger hunt to see where they can find the names of the presidents in your town. Start with a map; many towns name streets after presidents. Schools are also often named after our presidents. There is one Nevada County named after a president; do you know which one it is?
  • If you have younger children, pull some money out of your wallet and talk to them about the presidents they find pictured on the bills and coins.
  • Play some presidential trivia. Here’s a sample website to get you started…and here’s another one.
  • Celebrate President Obama’s heritage with our Hawaiian Breeze smoothie (Pineapple, Orange & Non-Fat Yogurt).

If you get hungry on your treasure hunt, stop in to our Tropical Smoothie Café for a nutritious break (we can even quiz you on those presidents, if you’d like).


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