Color Meanings to Color Your World (from Flowers to Smoothies)!

rosesmultiDid you know that there are traditions, spanning hundreds of years, which connect color meanings with flowers? For example, there are literally dozens of different colors of roses, but red is the traditional color to give on Valentine’s Day, and there’s a reason for that:  red signifies beauty, courage, heat, passion and desire. Now you know why you should give your sweetie red roses!

We thought it would be fun to connect these traditional color meanings with the smoothie colors that you love. Here are some ideas that came to mind as we blended up some of your favorites:

  • Yellow is the color of friendship, and also of joy and lightheartedness.  So come in with a friend and share our bright yellow Hawaiian Breeze smoothie. You can imagine yourselves together on the beach, happily relaxing in the bright yellow sun!
  • Orange represents energy, enthusiasm, confidence and warmth. We hope the warmth of our orange Sunny Day and Sunrise Sunset smoothies will energize your hearts with their healthy tropical fruits.
  • As mentioned above, red stands for beauty, courage, passion and desire. Give our Triple Berry Oat or Pomegranate Plunge smoothies a try and share your smoothie passion with your sweetheart.  Those supercharged ingredients could supercharge your romance (wink, wink).smoothies
  • When you need to relax before the big test or promotional interview, get into a blue frame of mind. In contrast to today’s “blue mood,” color tradition sees blue as an antidote to anxiousness, with its peace, openness and serenity.  Our Blue Lagoon couldn’t have a better description!
  • Moving deeper into the color spectrum, purple represents royalty, dignity, accomplishment and pride.  So when you need to celebrate your success on that test or interview, come to Tropical Smoothie Café and celebrate with our Acai Berry Boost.
  • While they may not exactly match the smoothie’s color, the headline ingredients in our Kiwi Quencher and Blimey Limey will live up to green’s reputation as the color of health, resilience, good fortune and youth. The bright flavors of kiwi and lime will dance across your tongue and have you dancing out the door!

So next time you need the energy of these amazing fruit colors, contact us or stop in and let us color your world!


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