Celebrating “Hi Neighbor” Month

Good-NeighborsWe couldn’t let December slip away without making sure you knew that in addition to New Year’s Eve and the holiday season, that this is also National “Hi Neighbor” Month.

This is actually the perfect month to think about your relationship with those in near proximity to you.  We’re busy with parties, dinners, gift exchanges and counting down to the New Year so it’s already a very social season.  We reach out to relatives we’ve only seen once this year and even make sure we take special notice of those who we often take for granted (the mail carrier, newspaper delivery person, waiter/waitress, etc.).  Did you reach out to your neighbors this month too?  Have you even met your neighbors? Have you greeted them on your way in the door?

The word neighbor suggests a close proximity, so this month we should perhaps start with our actual next-door neighbors. Bake something for them, make them an ornament, or invite them over for coffee.  Yes, there are only a few hours left in December – that doesn’t mean you can’t carry the intent of “Hi Neighbor” month into the New Year.  You may find a treasured friend that you didn’t realize was only a quick walk away.  Or there may be an elderly shut-in nearby who is in need of a little neighborly help and conversation.  Offer to pick up groceries, bring them something to eat or help with yard work.

Another approach to getting to know your neighbors better is to host a neighborhood party. This time of year, many of us take for granted our time with family and social commitments when there are those who don’t have family or close friends nearby and are longing for that human connection.  A small party with a few people is a great way to introduce neighbors to each other and identify who may have needs that you could easily help with.  Remember, we cater, so the party doesn’t have to be work for you.  We love the idea and spirit of “Hi neighbor” month – it reminds us of our neighborhood Café and the warm tropical way we greet our customers.   A smile, a home cooked meal, a small gesture can go a long way in connecting with our neighbors and creating that special, welcoming environment in your neighborhood.

“Hi neighbor” month only requires the spirit of friendliness and it shouldn’t be limited to December.  The New Year is a great time to establish those bonds or to reconnect.  Invite a neighbor to Tropical Smoothie Cafe for a smoothie.  Or a simple smile and wave is a great place to start.

Speaking of “Hi Neighbor,” we just opened a new Café in North Las Vegas and are new to the neighborhood.  Please stop on in and say “Hi!”  Happy New Year and warm tropical wishes to our neighbors!


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