Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Halloween presents somewhat of a dilemma for healthy eating families.  On one hand, you don’t want to contribute to the juvenile obesity epidemic. On the other hand, you don’t want your house getting egged or to send your kids to school the next day hiding their faces in shame because their mom was the one handing out toothbrushes and dental floss.  There are also other considerations.  Even if the kids are excited about the apples and oranges you’re handing out, their parents may not let them have anything that doesn’t come pre-packaged.  Other alternatives like trail mix or nuts might be hazardous to kids with peanut allergies.  Thankfully, with a little creativity you can still find kid-pleasing goodies that are healthy alternatives to Halloween candy.

Candy is the Halloween standard, but there are other kid-pleasing food items that are also healthy options.  Little packages of chocolate covered raisins are still high in sugar, but a good portion of it is natural sugars from the raisins.  Packages of hot cocoa or hot cider mix are another option.  Handing out sugar free gum will please kids and their dentists.  Individual packages of pretzels or baked chips are non-sugary treats.  Packaged apples with caramel or chocolate dip are a kid friendly and guilt free treat. Of course, you can’t go wrong with Tropical Smoothie Café gift cards either!

You could also consider giving away non-food items.  Glow sticks and glow jewelry are always popular with trick-or-treaters and can be found at a novelty or party supply store.  In fact, novelty stores have plenty of inexpensive games and party favors that could double as Halloween goodies.  Assortments of magic tricks, mini bubble bottles, kaleidoscopes, stickers, and temporary tattoos are all popular choices.  Choosing active toys like high bounce balls, jump ropes, or flying disks gives you a healthy double whammy:  getting kids away from the candy and off the couch at the same time.

Another great option this year is giving away a free game download.  The American Dental Association is encouraging kids and parents to fight zombies while learning about dental hygiene.  Coupons for free downloads of the ADA sponsored Plants vs. Zombies game are available at the game’s website Print off free coupons for your trick-or-treaters.  You’ll score more cool points than going with the toothbrushes.  Trust us.

Don’t forget that October 31 is Nevada Statehood Day as well as Halloween.  Since schools and government offices are going to be closed, why not take the day to participate in some family fun?  The FrightDome at Circus Circus is ranked as one of the top five scariest attractions in the country.  Check out Oktober Fest on Fremont Street, or sign up for the Las Vegas Zombie 5k Run. For families with little ones, the Fun Town Fright Fest at Galleria Mall, the Haunted Harvest at Springs Preserve, or a ride on the Nevada Southern Railway might be good options.

Whatever your choice for Halloween fun, don’t forget to drop by Tasty Smoothie Café for a healthy and refreshing treat.  Happy Halloween!


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