Healthy Alternatives for National Pizza Month

Did you know that October is National Pizza Month?  October begins the cooler temperatures, school activities and football related get-togethers, and pizza is one of those convenience foods that students, football fans, and Halloween party-goers seem to reach for. Pizza was reserved for peasants back in the 1800’s until a baker by the name of Raffaele Esposito quickly transformed the nature of pizza and made it appealing for everyone, even royalty. Today, you can find a pizza joint around every corner where you can indulge in a deep dish, thin crust, and even cheese filled crust pizza. You can order pizzas today with a lot more than just cheese and overwhelming amount of toppings and layers of sauce sure can make a pizza high in fat and calories. Many people don’t need a “National Day” as an excuse to chow down on a slice of pizza (or two or three).

The wide-spread love for pizza has come at a high price. Obesity and unhealthy eating habits have followed the “fast and fatty” trend and millions of American’s are paying the health consequences. This doesn’t mean pizza is horrible. Tropical Smoothie Café even has a cheese and a cheese and chicken flatbread pizza on our kids menu.  Pizza can even be healthy – there are garlic and artichoke pizzas and pesto pizzas.  You can make healthier homemade pizzas on whole wheat English Muffins, low fat cheese and fresh veggies.  Or go for the thin crust and forgo the greasy pepperoni. And portion control is a biggie.
When something you love isn’t good for the heart or waistline, look for healthier alternatives.  Either a heart-healthy designation on the menu, your own homemade version, or fresh flavorful food that is so satisfying that when National Pizza Day rolls around again, you’re not even tempted to go for the grease.  Tropical Smoothie has toasted flatbreads that pack their own flavorful deliciousness.  If you love Hawaiian pizzas, try our Caribbean Luau flatbread instead.  Or our Chicken Pesto flatbread offers an oh-so-good alternative to pizza.  Our high quality ingredients, low fat options, and significantly lower calories make our menu options a satisfying alternative to the “fast and fatty.”

We love teaching moments for our kids, especially around nutrition to help combat childhood obesity.  When your kids are asking for the kind of food that requires dabbing it with a paper towel to soak up the grease before they can eat it, talk to them about healthier alternatives to their favorite fatty foods. Keep their minds sharp by throwing in fruits and colorful vegetables to promote good habits and healthy behaviors.  They’ll thank you later!


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