Fresh Foods that Fight Inflammation

If you’ve paid much attention to health news lately, you’ve probably seen magazine articles or news reports talking about the dangers of inflammation.  What is inflammation, why is it so bad, and what can you do about it?

In a nutshell, inflammation is the body’s natural response to fighting injury or irritants.  Redness, pain, and swelling are signs of your body’s natural defense system at work as immune cells rush to the area to fight disease or push out foreign matter.  When everything is working as it should, your body fights off the infection and the inflammation goes away.  The problem comes in, however, when chronic inflammation develops as a response to irritants that don’t go away—the kind of irritants that come from high-fat diets or unhealthy habits such as smoking.  Over time, chronic inflammation can lead to a host of problems including arthritis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s disease.  The good news is that a diet rich in fresh foods can help you reduce inflammation and improve your overall health.  Here’s a list of some fresh foods with powerful inflammation fighting properties:

cherriesOats and Whole Grains.  Most of us know that oats and other whole grains are rich in heart-healthy fiber. Fiber helps your digestive system function properly, but it also helps stabilize blood sugar.  That stabilizing action helps reduce inflammation. Oats are also rich in the inflammation-fighting nutrient selenium.  A healthy diet should include 3-6 servings of whole grains daily.  Our supercharged Triple-Berry Oat Smoothie is a great way to get more whole grain oats into your diet, and whole grain oats can also be added as a supplement to any of our delicious smoothies.

Pomegranates and cherries have also been found to reduce inflammation.  As a bonus, these superfoods may also help reduce muscle soreness after a tough workout. After you hit the gym, swing by Tropical Smoothie Café on the way home and grab a Pomegranate Plunge smoothie to ward of inflammation and reduce those next-day aches.

salmonSalmon. A diet rich in the omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon may reduce inflammation just as much as taking a daily aspirin. If fish isn’t your thing, omega-3s are also found in walnuts, flaxseed, and eggs.  Get your day off to a healthy start with one of our delicious breakfast wraps or add ground flaxseed to your favorite smoothie for an inflammation fighting omega-3 boost.

Dairy. Nutrients found in dairy foods also help to reduce inflammation.  One study found that patients who ate 3 ½ servings of low-fat dairy foods each day showed both a reduction in inflammation and lower blood pressure readings in just a 12 week period.  Low-fat dairy sources like skim milk and yogurt are the best options for a healthy diet.  Try our Kiwi Quencher or Mango Magic smoothies for a dairy serving with a tropical punch.

It’s hard to eat a diet rich in fresh foods when you’re on the go, but Tropical Smoothie Café is here to help.  Our great variety of inflammation fighting foods can help you eat better and feel better.  Come enjoy one of our made-fresh, real-fruit smoothies today!


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