Tropical Smoothie Cafe Celebrates National Chicken Month

National Chicken Month LogoDid you know that September is National Chicken Month?  (Who thinks these things up?) If you don’t believe us, we’ve included the logo just so you know we didn’t make it up.

On average, Americans eat about 60 pounds of chicken each year. Why is that? Perhaps it’s because chicken is so versatile and can used in so many ways, in every meal period. Or, it may be that chicken can be very beneficial for your health and is one of the best white meat sources of protein.

While recent studies have shown that other meats, yes, even beef, can be just as healthy, one thing most people do not think about is how much less of a carbon footprint chicken production leaves behind. Chicken is, by far, the most environmentally friendly meat with turkey close behind. Beef, pork, and lamb all leave a much deeper carbon footprint. This calculation is based on the entire life cycle of the meat from production to consumption.  So, there’s another great reason to enjoy chicken during National Chicken Month.

Click on this link for a tasty recipe you’re sure to enjoy during National Chicken Month (or any month for that matter):

Baja Chicken FlatbreadPerhaps you would rather leave the cooking to us.  The Tropical Smoothie Cafe has a fabulous Baja Chicken Flatbread that would make a great choice for a light and healthy lunch or dinner.  This is a complete and balanced meal in itself with chicken, low-fat mozzarella, green & red peppers, onions, romaine lettuce, and light Southwest ranch on a toasted flatbread.

Looking for other ways to enjoy National Chicken Month? Here’s some of our personal favorites that have nothing to do with eating chicken:

  • Doing the “Chicken Dance
  • Reading Chicken Little to your kids
  • Playing a game of Chicken (but NOT with cars!)
  • Reading any of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books
  • Feeding the chickens at Bonnie Springs or your favorite farm

Let us know how YOU celebrate National Chicken Month! Post on our Facebook page, and the most creative answer will receive a free Combo Meal.


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