August is National Picnic Month (just don’t invite the ants)

August is National Picnic Month, perfect for enjoying the outdoors, hanging out with family  and friends, and celebrating summer’s Family Picnicfresh food and simple joys. Throughout history, picnics have brought people together to enjoy a peaceful meal in beautiful surroundings, eating the food they love at a picnic table or lounging on a blanket in the grass.

All that makes August a great time for planning family reunions, company picnics, church outings, sports team events and basically any excuse you can find for combining people, food and the outdoors.  Picnics are great for creating memories with grandparents, kids and the entire family.  It’s an opportunity to connect and enjoy each other’s company before the craziness of back-to-school and the fall and winter holidays sneak up on us.  Bring some books and lay out on a blanket as you read to the younger kids.  Bring a football or Frisbee and spend some quality time with the older kids.  Bring a single friend, or several single friends and maybe your picnic will result in a “love connection.”

Sometimes it’s no picnic (pun intended) providing all the food for these events. What do you serve to satisfy everyone and keep things easy for yourself as you’re already dealing with all the other details around location, coordinating availability, keeping an eye on the weather, gifts or prizes, entertainment and so much more.  No worries – Tropical Smoothie Café not only has the fresh casual food choices that everyone loves, but we also cater!

If you are off for a romantic picnic for two, swing by and pick up a to-go order to enjoy when you get there.  If you have a larger crowd to feed, call us and let us take care of the food prep and delivery for you.  National Picnic Month and the fresh, healthy food choices from Tropical Smoothie Cafe go hand-in-hand.  A Deluxe Box Lunch with a wrap or sandwich, served with chips or fruit and a cookie can work wonders to make any event a picnic. Add a fresh salad, and choose from any of our delicious Smoothies like the classic Strawberry Lemonade or a super Mango Magic Smoothie (mango, pineapple and non-fat yogurt).

After dessert, take an aging parent by the arm and go for a walk as you take in the sights and sounds of the final days of summer.  Sip on a smoothie to stay hydrated and then go get that kite up in the air and be truly present for your family.  Help your kids identify bugs or see who’s first to spot a butterfly.  Grab the binoculars and do some bird watching. Lay on a blanket next to your sweetie and see what shapes you can find in the clouds.  Picnics bring families together and give you the down time that’s important for feeling refreshed.

Our catering menu works great for those board meetings, too.  Supply your team with the food that’ll keep them going through those budget debates and call it an indoor picnic.  Or take a break and eat outside.  Board members need sunshine too, you know.  However you choose to celebrate National Picnic Month, we would love to help you bring the picnic to YOUR event.


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